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Nintendo Switch




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English, Spanish



Joseph J.


2Awesome Studio



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Screenshots, promo artwork, and videos available by downloading the Press Kit.

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Capture critters in clouds and pop them away! Smoothcade is a cooperative  puzzle-platform adventure that is inspired by retro video game mechanics. Smoothcade plans to launch in 2022. The gameplay for Smoothcade involves a combination of platform jumping and quick puzzle-solving skills. Each level has one objective that players must complete in order to advance. These includes: clearing all enemies, collecting all fruit, popping all balloons, and finding a key and door. 


In Smoothcade, 1 to 4 players hunt down pieces of a missing Golden Blender. Players can trap enemies by spitting a cloud-like projectile called a Cloudie. Once an enemy is trapped inside a Cloudie, players must then pop the Cloudie to clear the enemy from the screen. Players can change their Cloudie type at any time. "Mercy" Cloudies are heavenly, and trapped enemies float upward, while "mayhem" Cloudies cause trapped enemies to move downward. Alternating Cloudies allows players to setup score bonus combos and earn special bonus items.

Smoothcade is inspired by several retro video games, such as Bubble Bobble, Ice Climbers, and Solomon's KeyIndependent developer, Joseph J., comments on the game's inspiration and design: "I want to create something that anyone, regardless of past gaming experience, can pick-up, play and create memories." With retro-roots, an aged generation of gamers can get a nostalgic whiff of past-time arcade mechanics, while getting a taste of modern features, such as online leader-boards, achievements, and speed-running

Summary for this upcoming indie game gem:

  • 1-4 players, coming to gaming consoles and PC
  • "Capture & Pop" battle mechanic

  • Alternative attack styles (Mercy vs. Mayhem) 
  • Online High-score Leaderboards

  • 14+ cast of diverse playable/unlockable characters

  • Funny and memorable Story Mode

  • Endless Island Mode of procedurally generated levels with increasing difficulty

  • Addictive Battle Mode for 2 to 4 players

You can follow the game's progress on Discord and Twitter.

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