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The Beta contains all levels and modes in Smoothcade.


 - Keyboard and Controllers are supported.


- Enter key to select 

- Backspace key to go back

- Arrow keys to move

- Z key to attack

Beta 2.0 -- APR 24 Updates

- New outline system for players and objects/enemies implemented
- Endless mode now saves score from pause menu
- L/R to arrow keys when no controller is connected on highscore menu
- Adjustments made to level 18, 35
- Fixed bug where vikcado enemy froze game when using Dice power-up
- Fixed boss 1 tears bug
- Fixed bug that caused lag on avalanche and lava levels
- Fixed bug where frenzy icon disappears after dying
- Fixed bug on level 99 where enemy spawns were not progressing properly.

- Fixed additional miscellaneous bugs

Beta 1.99 -- MAR 24 Updates

- Updated Achievement icon visuals

- Updated criteria for certain Achievements

- "Cant Touch This" Achievement can now be unlocked in Speedrun mode.

- Bonus Fruit on levels now spawn more quickly in multiplayer mode as more players are playing.

- Fixed bug where confetti appeared for players that had 0 lives.

- Fixed bug where Fruit Frenzy twinkle did not appear when more than one player has a Fruit Frenzy ready.

- Fixed bug where Fruit Frenzy help indicator still remained in multiplayer mode if a player loses all lives.

- Fixed bug where player 2/3/4 controller would constantly vibrate when they lose all lives

- Fixed bug where Combo score/timer was not calculating correctly.

Beta 1.90 -- MAR 21 Updates

- Adjustments made to story mode levels

- "Hurry Up" notice in intense mode is removed when level is cleared
- Submitting your score online now shows "Weekly" rank instead of "all time" rank
- Fixed bugs relating to Banana Bird bonus
- Fixed bug where getting a Game Over in intense mode allowed the player to continue on the same level if they exited/turned off the game
- Fixed bug where shadows were not appearing on certain levels
- Fixed bug where fruit frenzy helper icon still appeared when player entered a door
- Fixed bug where getting an achievement during Replay mode caused an error

Beta 1.82 -- MAR 15 Updates

- Star count is now tracked/saved in Speedrun Mode
- Added movements effects to enemies
- Players can no longer activate a Fruit Frenzy when they Clear a level
- Bonus fruits are now more squishy
- Localized the "Hit -1" text
- Item powerup HUD now becomes transparent if the player is hovering the pop-up
- add l/r controller input to navigate Replay menu
- add l/r controller input to navigate tips & tricks menu
- Improved texture page loading
- Improved 'randomizer' in Battle mode and Endless Mode
- Updated playable character assets
- Minor visual updates to levels
- Minor Menu bugs fixes
- Fixed bug where mercy / mayhem text displayed if HUD was on
- Fixed bug where particle effects appeared on HUD when HUD option is turned off
- Fixed bug where skipping a level via jetpack did not unlock it in replay mode
- Fixed bug where playing replay mode may advance level in Story mode
- Fixed bug where level countdown shows on transition screen when exiting Story mode at the start of a level

Beta 1.64 -- MAR 01 Updates

- Battle mode now appropriately shows winner crowns in the case of ties
- Increased size of cloudies and captured cloudies
- Replay mode now goes back to selected level after completing it (opposed to going to World 1 Level 1)
- Fix bug where cloudies pass through player if player is standing still and a cloudie comes in contact upwards
- Adjusted particle effect layers

Beta 1.59 -- FEB 26 Updates

- Highscore menu now allows for L/R bumpers for navigation
- Players can 'go back' from any menu screen by pressing 'B' on a controller
- "Play" header flickered one frame before moving to the correct position. This is fixed.
- Main Menu characters no longer disappear when popup menus are selected
- Menu dimming is consistent on all navigation screens
- SKIP text in opening cutscene now fades in and then fades out
- Fixed bug where the Controls menu flickered keyboard controls for one frame when using a controller 
- Fixed bug where the 'How to Play' screen navigation dots shifted
- Main Menu music now fades in and out to provide better looping
- Transition screen on a Game Over now shows a black background instead of showing the current level.
- Fixed bug where achievement boxes remained visible during a level transition.
- Fixed bug where achievement text overlapped when multiple achievement boxes are present on screen.
- Achievement boxes now becomes transparent if player is over it.
- Fixed bug where player shadow was missing at the start of a new level
- Fixed bug where mercy point did not become transparent when player touches the HUD
- Fixed bug where clouds would float through solid blocks
- Fixed bug that pushes player outside of platforms when standing colliding with two platforms at the same time
- Fixed bug where the fruit meter for Player 1 was one pixel short on the left
- Fixed bug where the 'Combo' text flickers when getting back-to-back combos
- Fixed bug where the snail enemy flickers on frame after diagonally jumping
- Fixed bug where getting two power-up items at the same time overlapped the HUD
- Party Popper Bonus Item Adjustments: Cloudie-to-fruit powerup time now lasts longer
- Removed 'helper text' in replay mode
- Flipping a switch that activates/deactivates spike now shows a pop effect over the affected spikes
- Level 01 background darkened
- Fixed bug where mayhem cloudie did not break round blocks on level 4
- Fixed bug on level 9 where players can fall through the bottom-left platform
- Fixed bug where level 10 boss spawns over power-up items
- Adjustments made to level 14 so the player can no longer get stuck if they trap themselves within blocks

Beta 1.30 -- FEB 21 Updates

- Added Battle Mode - A fast-paced multiplayer mode. Collect more fruit than your opponent to win!
- Added three "100%" icons to the main menu when the player clears certain objectives
- Adjusted World Banner length to accommodate Spanish text length
- Added sound effects to menu selections/going back
- Fixed bug where enemy would get stuck in wall when jumping diagonally
- Fixed bug where breaking a barrel would cause a lag in gameplay
- Fixed bug where player could get stuck in certain blocks

- Fixed bug where World Banners did not appear correctly in Speedrun and Replay mode.
- Bug fixes and adjustments made to Endless Mode

Beta 1.21 FEB 03 Updates

- Visual update to player HUD

- Fixed various bugs in Endless mode

Beta 1.20 JAN 29 Updates

- Added New Game Mode: Endless Mode
- Added banners at the start of every new World and Boss battle
- Added Karma bonus indicators to show the karma of cleared enemies 
- Added descriptions to various items in Options menu
- Adjustments made to level 24, 37, 44
- Fixed bug where cloudie sometimes breaks before player bounces on it five times
- Achievement popups last longer
- Added additional 'back' keyboard key for menu navigation
- Updated main menu screen

Beta 1.15 JAN 03 Updates

- Increased font size when lives are greater than four

- Particle system adjustments

- Adjustments made to level 39, 80, 87, 88, 97

- Bug fix relating to karma points and fruit meter notification

- Various bug fixes on levels and enemies

Beta 1.14 DEC 27 Updates

Player Experience Improvements:
- Added additional tutorial signs/helper text in early levels of Story mode

- Visual update to level transition effect

- Fixed tutorial text bug when playing the game in Spanish

- Various bug fixes and game stability 

Beta 1.10 NOV 12 Updates

Player Experience Improvements:
- Karma Bonus Gauge no longer clears upon a game over
- Visual indicators now appear under the Karma Bonus gauge after every 7 enemy clears. Also indicates when a bonus item will appear on the next level.
- Fruit Frenzy meters decreases by half on game over, opposed to going to zero
- Fruit Frenzy sound effect and visual indicators now present above the player when a Fruit Frenzy is ready
- Players cannot lose a life once a level is cleared
- Players can jump more times on a cloudie before it pops
- Visual text to indicate level clear condition at the start of each level

Game Polish & Improvements:
- Players and enemies cannot move during level transitions
- Sound effects no longer play during level transitions
- Menu and pause selection screens are now more responsive to controller inputs
- Audio issue fixed with the "level clear" sound effect. This sound effect was playing even when the sound effect loudness it set to 0%

Adjustments to Story Mode:
- Adjustments made to level 23, 25, 26, 39, 56, 74, 85
- Adjustment made to level 90 boss. Decreased phase two HP by two.

Beta 1.0 AUG 20 Updates

- Added Speedrun mode.

- Added Boss Rush mode (unlocked via clearing Speedrun Mode).

- Added Replay mode.

- Added 4 new playable characters.

- Re-arranged main menu options.

- HUD turns transparent if a player ever reaches the top portion of the screen

- Added a visual arrow to point to the level objective during level countdown

- Fixed glitch where pause menu would still open after pressing the Esc key from the 'Tips & Tricks' screen

- General bug fixes.

Alpha 1.25 JUL 29 Updates

- Earning a x5 combo (or greater) spawns a one-up heart.

- Asset updates

Alpha 1.24 JUL 16 Updates

- Support for Dinput Controllers

- Casual mode no longer has "timers" on each level. Players can take as long as they need to complete a level.

- On a game over, Fruit Meters are now set to 1/2 the current fruit count, opposed to being set back to 0.

- Bug fix relating to vibration/rumble controller support

- Increased Fruit Frenzy timespan from 7 seconds to 12 seconds 

- Updated Spanish text for power-up item descriptions

- "Split time" now shown upon level completion, when speedrun timer is turned on.

- Power-up items and some enemy assets updated 

- Increased hitbox sizes on a few enemies

Alpha 1.23 JUL 02 Updates

- Controller vibration bug fixed

- Improved party popper power up. Allows player more time to spit cloudies that turn into fruit.

- Text now appears above the player after collecting a power-up that displays the power-up effect.

- Adjustments made to enemy hit boxes and level layouts

Alpha 1.22 JUN 29 Updates

- Players now automatically bounce on clouds when landing on them, pressing down will pop them.

- Score values now appear under level clear stars to show points needed to earn each star

- Vibration/Rumble supported when using a gamepad controller

- Fixed bug where screen transition did not close all the way

- Updated hitboxes on first two mini-bosses to be more generous to the player

- Tutorial Signs in early levels now have white text in keyboard more to stand out more to the player.

Alpha 1.21 JUN 03 Updates

- Added sound effects to enemies and conditions

- Modified number of enemies on certain levels

- Update Intense mode time limits per level

- Achievement stacking glitch fixed

- General bug fixing/stability fixes

Alpha 1.20 MAY 25 Updates

- Auto-Attack ability now available in Options

- Players can now skip the opening cutscene

- Update to Show Crown option: Crown icon now shows correctly above each character

- Smoothcade's save files are now more secure/encrypted.

- Hitbox updates made to Bee enemy

- Several bug fixes on local multiplayer character select screen

- Fixed a bug where a Boss was showing incorrect hearts remaining

- Several bug fixes made to Replay mode and ability to access previously-beaten levels.

- Processing improvements made to allow a more stable FPS during gameplay

Alpha 1.10 APR 21 Updates

- Added new background artwork on snow, mountain, fire, and circus levels

- Variety of bug fixes relating to fruit placement, enemy movement, and tutorial screens.

-  Adjustments made to local multiplayer character select screen.

Alpha 1.09 MAR 24  Updates

- Added new effects when capturing and popping a critter to improve game feel.

Alpha 1.08 MAR 22  Updates

- Added ability to replay past levels while on Records screen.

- Added fix to bosses and score values

Alpha 1.07 MAR 15  Updates

- Added Difficulty settings to Story Mode. Intense mode is unlockable after completing Story Mode.

- Localization system added.

- Added Character Skills. 

- Overhauled Karma System. Every 7 enemy captures gives the player a point. 3 points = special power-up

- Display difficulty on Character Selection Screen

- Added Online High Score Leaderboards for each Difficulty setting

- Updated Option screen layout.

- Added Option to Dim Background

- Added Option to hide HUD/Score

- Added Option to remove Character Skills

- Added Option to hide Background particle effects

- "Controls" screen text size and border more consistent with the rest of the game.

- Added "How to Play" tutorial screens to Level 01 on only "Casual" difficulty.

- Added visual effect to player when changing Cloudie Karma status

- "How to Play" screen text size and border more consistent with the rest of the game.

    - Karma instruction screen shows power-up items that is not yet available in Smoothcade. 

Alpha 1.06 FEB 11  Updates

- Updated controller connection logic 

- Fixed boss health glitch on level 10 and level 40

- Level layout updates: level 7, 22

- "Death ring" effect added to player 2, 3, 4 

- Fruit Meter activation will now always appear at the start of a level if your fruit meter is full

- Added visual effect when player changes karma

- Added visual effect when player's fruit meter is full

- Added visual effect when a player gains or donates a life

- Fixed Fruit Frenzy sparkle effect for Player 3 and Player 4 on HUD

- All players get +1 lives when anyone activates a fruit frenzy

- Bonus items no longer spawn inside walls/blocks

- Fixed wall glitch with Bat enemy

- Level Goal symbol flashes at the start of the level to help show the player the level's clear condition 

Alpha 1.05 JAN 29  Updates

- Levels 34-39 Added to Demo. Filler art on levels 34-39. 

- Every level now has a speedrun challenge timer. Clear the level quickly to earn a Rollerskate icon (appears with the Stars after cleaing a level).

- Decreased hurtbox size on Pinehedge, Raccoon, Pumpkin, and Bat enemy.

- Controller Connected text changed to white font with black border to improve readability

- Shadow layer fixed on level 03

- Screen Transition update - Should now cover entire screen

- "Press Start to begin" text updated.

- Added Lambert to main menu

- Spike balls now destroy each other when colliding among each other

- Fixed choppiness in intro scene transition

- Fixed bug where player 2 could not donate lives to player 1

- End of Demo screen brings you back to the Main Menu after selecting "Continue"

Alpha 1.04 JAN 22 Updates

- "How to Play" screens added to the Options menu and Pause menu.

- Players can donate lives in local multiplayer by pressing L or R shoulder buttons.

- Player life donation hint appears when a player loses all of their lives in multiplayer. 

- Game now plays in Windowed mode. Window can be moved around and made full screened on PC

- Fruit from enemies no longer appear randomly on the screen. It will fall within a 500 pixel radius from the player

- Minor updates to levels: change in enemy numbers, updated platform locations, update in Star ratings

- Spike ball collision update. Spike balls are naturally destroyed 1 second earlier

Alpha 1.03 JAN 19 Updates

- 3 to 4 players now functional

- Button input pop-up now appears during the player's first fruit frenzy to provide guidance.

- Fixed visual bug on character selection screen transition

- Your online rank placement is now shown after submitting a score online

- Minor updates on levels

- Levels 31-34 added to demo. Level 30 removed.

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